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We have prepared a wide range of sources of financing for your trade for customers who cooperate with us. In addition to the forms of financing listed below, we also provide financing optimization, free analysis of your liabilities and refinancing at better price conditions.

Short-term loans

Short-term loans are granted for up to one year and are generally for relatively small amounts. The short loan period makes the financial institution's credit risk easier to determine. As a result, the procedures involved in granting a loan are simpler and borrowers' applications are processed more quickly.

Long-term loans

These are loans with a term of more than 5 years are mostly loans and mortgages. The latter can even be granted for up to 45 years, depending on the currency of the loan and the bank. Mortgage loans can be granted for buying a house/apartment, building a house, buying a plot of land, refinancing another mortgage.

Investment loans

Investment loans are successfully used as a source of financing for various types of business ventures. They are usually used to modernize machinery, expand a production facility or invest in new technologies.


Leasing allows the recipient of the lease to use the thing given to him without having to buy it. Simplifying, we can say that lesing resembles a paid rental. The subject of the leasing contract can be real estate such as production halls, warehouses, office buildings, as well as movable property such as office machinery or cars.

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Trade Finance


Factoring is an alternative form of financing a company's operations to a working capital loan. It allows a company to obtain funds earlier than the maturity date of trade receivables, so that the company (factor) protects itself against possible delay in repayment of receivables.

Line of credit

Otherwise known as an overdraft facility, a revolving credit. It is a contractually stipulated, automatically established, or at the customer's request, permanently available limit for which the borrower can go into debt for any purpose. The amount of the loan is determined on an individual basis, depending on the receipts in the account. The main feature is the possibility of repeated use of the funds granted by the bank.

Targeted loans

It is any loan intended for a specific purpose, such as buying an apartment, car, household appliances, etc. The main difference between an earmarked loan and a cash loan or a mortgage is that with an earmarked loan, the borrower does not have direct access to the money, it is directly transferred by the bank to the counterparty's account.

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