Sweet water in a siphon type bottle


Discover exceptional taste with Kuki Buki – your source of natural pleasure!

At Kuki Buki, we know how important moments full of taste and joy are. That’s why we offer a unique range of beverages that will make every day a little sweeter and refreshing. Our products, from classic water in siphon bottles, to natural water in elegant glass bottles, to a rich selection of syrups, are created to satisfy every taste.

Kuki Buki Water – Purity and freshness you can feel with every sip. Available in convenient siphon bottles and traditional glass bottles, our water is the perfect companion for every day. We draw it from the best sources to bring you nature in its purest form.

Kuki Buki Syrups – Add color to your life! Our syrups are the perfect accompaniment to Kuki Buki water, allowing you to create unique drinks to your taste. Available in a variety of flavors, our syrups will make any drink a unique experience.

By choosing Kuki Buki, you are choosing products that will take care of your mood and health. Our drinks are packaged in aesthetically pleasing glass bottles, emphasizing their natural character and care for the environment.

Join the Kuki Buki family and enjoy natural flavors that will make every moment special!

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What is carbonated water ?

Carbonated water is a drink that is made by adding carbon dioxide to ordinary water, which gives it its characteristic bubbles. The process, invented in the 18th century by pioneering chemists, involves introducing CO2 under pressure into water, which was originally achieved using soda and acid. As a result, carbonated water is not only a mixture of water and carbon dioxide, but also contains dissolved minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, which gives it a slightly salty taste and increases its nutritional value.

Carbonated water is believed to refresh and better quench thirst.


A siphon is a thick-walled glass or plastic bottle for carbonated beverages that has a closing device; when opened, the gas pressure inside the bottle pushes the liquid outward.

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