Why Kuki Buki ?
  • without a contract
  • weekly deliveries
  • no hidden costs
  • no fixed charges
Use of water
  • as carbonated water alone
  • sweet drinks
  • sweet syrups

The biggest advantage of our product is that,
that the gas stays in it until the last drop – both in the case of carbonated water,
as well as other beverages offered by our company.

Advantages of our water
  • neutral taste
  • does not cause hyperacidity
  • Refreshes and quenches thirst
  • for everyday consumption
  • carbonated to the last drop
Buying our water is:
  • guarantee of excellent taste
  • low price
  • punctuality of delivery
  • care for ecology – replaceable bottle
Advantages of the bottle
  • comfortable
  • flexible
  • practical
  • returnable packaging – ECO Friendly

Suggestions for serving Kuki Buki water

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