Rental of forklifts, pallet trucks and skips

The company "Lemarpol", having on an ongoing basis access to a wide range of equipment with different technical parameters, provides rental services aimed at that part of customers for whom forklifts are an alternative way to solve the problems of internal logistics. We offer new and used forklifts of leading Japanese brands, such as TOYOTA, KOMATSU, NISSAN, as well as new MANITOU forklifts.

A wide range of lifts

We have over 500 lifts in stock, the specification of which we adjust according to individual customer needs and we provide our services throughout Poland. We also offer mobile platforms from mast through scissor lifts and ending with telescopic lifts.

Service and repairs

We will deliver the selected lift free of charge to any place in Poland, and the service is in constant readiness to accept the order of possible repair or service of the given lift. With mobile service technicians, we provide on-site services.

Our elevator rental offer is one of the most advantageous forms of organizing internal transportation, providing tangible benefits, which are certainly:
  • The possibility of seasonal use of the device,
  • Rental period tailored to individual needs,
  • Built cost of equipment labor,
  • No fleet management costs,
  • Lower total cost of operating the trucks,
  • The ability to include rental payments as a deductible expense,
  • ensuring continuity of work.

Reducing the financial burden

For large companies that use forklifts very intensively, we propose a solution to outsource the delivery and full service of forklifts (including tire replacement) to our company. Such a solution eliminates the financial burden associated with the purchase of forklifts and the need to maintain maintenance departments. In exchange for a fixed fee, we provide the highest quality equipment and will take care of its full service.


Outsourcing is the use of services, or products, offered by other suppliers. The purpose of using outsourcing is to reduce the cost level of products and services offered to customers. The company "Lemarpol-Forklifts", among other things, due to the possession of perfectly qualified staff, as well as the availability of several hundred pieces of equipment on the yard, is the best prepared company to provide comprehensive internal transport services to enterprises.

Professional cooperation

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our services, guaranteeing on our part the smooth finalization of the necessary procedures, so that your satisfaction with cooperation with us begins with its initiation and accompanies uninterrupted throughout its duration.

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